Theology on Tap

Theology on Tap is a speaker series for young adults on matters of the Catholic faith.  Young Adults gather together in a relaxed setting either in a restaurant or bar to enjoy the speaker's presentation, learn more about their faith, and to engage in meaningful conversation.  Theology on Tap is held on the third Monday of every month at various establishments around the Diocese.

There is no cost to attend or to register!  Participants are welcome to purchase food and beverage from the menu.  


Theology on Tap - May 2019

In a culture where gender is regarded as a social construct rather than a biological reality, it is easy to lose sight of the beauty of the sexes and the role of complementarity in God’s plan.  Join us as Sr. Geralyn discusses gender theory from the perspective of the foundation of the human person.

Join us Monday, May 13 from 7:00 to 9:00 PM at Hops at the Paddock (1945 W. Columbia St., Allentown). Food and beverage can be ordered from the menu. For more information contact Alexa Smith at

TOT May 2019


June 24, 2019

July 15, 2019

August 12, 2019


April 2019 - The Life & Works of C.S. Lewis - Sr. Sheila Galligan

March 2019 - Why Stay in the Church? - Dcn. Tony Bellitto

January 2019 - Responding to Relativism - Dr. Michael Rombeiro

December 2018 - From Federal Government to Full-Time Ministry - Dcn. Michael Pascarella

November 2018 - Keys to a Powerful Prayer Life - Eva Gontis

September 2018 - Stories of a Basketball Chaplain - Rev. Robert Hagan

August 2018 - Everyday Holiness - Rev. Daniel Arechabala

July 2018 - The Emotions of Jesus - Kelly Anderson

May 2018 - The Discernment of Spirits - Rev. Christoper Walsh

April 2018 - Delving into Salesian Spirituality - Rev. Timothy McIntire & Magdalene Riggins

March 2018 - Finding God in a Broken World - James Doolin

February 2018 - Protecting the Pope - Rev. Frederick Riegler

January 2018 - The Catholicism of J.R.R. Tolkien - Rev. Christopher Landis

November 2017 - Working Beside a Saint: Stories of St. Teresa of Calcutta - Msgr. Michael Mannion

October 2017 - You Are Littler: Encounters with St. John Paul II - Maria Mitchell 

September 2017 - Faith on the Job: Maintaining Values in the Workplace - Bob Wert

August 2017 - Faith on the Job: Maintaining Values in the Workplace - Mike Guman

July 2017 - Faith on the Job: Maintaining Values in the Workplace - Deacon Hugh Carlin

June 2017 - Faith on the Job: Maintaining Values in the Workplace - Joseph Zator