Marriage Preparation

Congratulations on your engagement! The process of preparation for the Sacrament of Matrimony within the Church takes at least six months so we encourage you to begin the following steps as soon as you become engaged. We look forward to accompanying you on this joyful journey!

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Preparación Pre-Matrimonial En Español

Overview of Process

Step 1: As soon as you become engaged, call the parish to begin the marriage preparation process. You will arrange a time to meet with the pastor, assistant pastor, or a deacon of the parish. You will not be able to establish a wedding date on the parish calendar until this initial meeting takes place.

Step 2: The priest or deacon whom you meet with will provide information regarding the marriage preparation process and will direct you to register for the online marriage preparation course offered by The priest or deacon will also inform you of the Church sacramental documents and civil documents you are required to obtain.

For a detailed list of the required documents, please click here.

Step 3: Please register for and complete the online program at In addition to working through the course content, you will receive the guidance and facilitation of a certified instructor couple, who you will be paired with upon registration. The online course takes between three and twelve weeks to complete, depending on the couple. The cost of the program is $194 per couple.

To register for your marriage preparation course in English, please click on the banner below:

Para registrarse en su curso de preparación matrimonial en español, haga clic aquí.

Couples preparing for a second marriage should participate in the online program as well. If you have already taken Marriage Prep or have special circumstances, please contact the Office of Marriage and Natural Family Planning.

Step 4: Engaged couples must also register for the FOCCUS Inventory Online Session. The FOCCUS Inventory should be taken online within two months of registering for a marriage preparation program. The Office of Marriage and Natural Family Planning will automatically create your FOCCUS account when you register. Each of you will be emailed an individual FOCCUS session that should be completed independently from one another. Its purpose is to facilitate open and honest communication between you as a couple. 

You will have 90 days from the time of your registration to complete the FOCCUS questionnaire before it expires. The FOCCUS questionnaire should be taken at least six months prior to the wedding date (preferably within two weeks of receiving email with login and password) to allow time for proper catechesis and formation. The cost to complete the FOCCUS questionnaire is $15, due upon registration.

To register for FOCCUS in English, click here.

To register for FOCCUS in Spanish, click here

An additional $15 fee will be charged by FOCCUS to reactivate an expired questionnaire.

Step 5: After completion and submission, the FOCCUS results are emailed to the priest or deacon. The priest or deacon will meet with the couple to discuss FOCCUS and to administer the Pre-nuptial Inventory.

Step 6: Finally, to plan the wedding liturgy, the couple will meet with the priest or deacon who has been assisting them throughout the preparation process. Because the couple are the real ministers of the sacrament with the vow of their “I do”, there are certain liberties granted to them when planning the particulars of the wedding ceremony. This will include: determining with the priest or deacon if their marriage is celebrated within the celebration of Mass or not and also being invited to select the readings and hymns used for the liturgy as well as some prayers.

Step 7: Finally, we pray that you enjoy and celebrate your wedding day!