FAQs About Protecting Youth

Protection God's Children™ 

Who should attend?

All employees and any adult volunteer who comes into contact with children are required to attend this training.

When is the training given?

Individual parishes and parish organizations may schedule training for members of the school and parish. To do so, please call the Safe Environment Coordinator at 610-332-0442, extension 2019, to arrange a meeting date and to receive the paperwork associated with hosting the meeting.  A list of training sessions is maintained on the Diocese of Allentown’s website: www.allentowndiocese.org.  Please click on “Youth Protection” on the home page, then under Resources on the right hand side of the page, click on “Protecting God’s Children Workshop Schedule.”  To sign up for a training session, please call the number listed next to the location.  Pre-registration is required for all training sessions.

Does the program have a cost?

There is no direct financial cost to host the program. However, it is appropriate for the host parish to provide snacks for the break during the presentation.

Does the attendee receive verification of his/her attendance at a PGC program?

At the conclusion of the program, all who attend receive a certificate of attendance. The employee/volunteer should retain this certificate and provide a copy to the Parish’s Local Safe Environment Coordinator.

How does a pastor or principal know that the employee/volunteer has attended?

The employee/volunteer should be able to produce the certificate of attendance to show to the pastor/ principal. If they have misplaced the certificate, they can contact the Safe Environment Coordinator’s office for a replacement.  Contact can also be made with the Safe Environment Coordinator’s assistant at 610-332-0442 extension 2016. At every PGC training session, “sign-in sheets” are distributed. If a parish is not aware of who attended, they may obtain a copy of the “sign-in sheets” from the Safe Environment Coordinator.  If a volunteer attended at another parish, and the volunteer can provide the location where attended, it can be verified by review of the “sign-in” sheets.

What paperwork is associated with this program?

  • Every parish office should have the following information documented and included in the personnel files of staff and volunteers:
  • Pennsylvania State Police Criminal Record Check (Pennsylvania Access to Criminal History (PATCH)
  • (less than five (5) years old))
  • Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Certificate (less than five (5) years old)
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation Criminal Background Fingerprint Check (18+ years old)
  • (less than five (5) years old)|
  • Signed Acknowledgment form for Diocese’s Sexual Abuse Policy (dated May 2014)
  • Signed Acknowledgment form for Diocese’s Code of Conduct (dated May 2014)
  • Protecting God’s Children attendance certificate
  • Certificate from Mandated Reporter Training  (less than five (5) years old)
  • Signed Acknowledgment form for Diocese’s Child Protective Services Law Policy
  • Motor Vehicle Report – if driving  (less than five (5) years old)