Rules and Regulations

A. Designation

While the Diocese of Allentown does not offer its own Golf league, CYO programs may participate in established leagues, while adhering to CYO standards.  Each participating CYO program is to designate one Adult Coordinator.

B. Rosters

Each District Commissioner must submit completed Fall rosters to OYYAFM by September 15th.

All teams will submit complete rosters with the appropriate requirements for each coach (including Concussion and Sudden Cardiac Arrest). 

C. Eligibility

As a Varsity sport, only 7th & 8th grade boys and girls are able to participate.  The “Eligibility Standards” section of the CYO Rules and Guidelines handbook must be followed.  Further eligibility rules apply as per the designation of the parish CYO program and the league in which a team participates.

D. Game Rules

Rules for game play will be determined by the league in which a CYO parish program participates. Any rules or standards in contradiction with Catholic principles and values should be discussed with the CYO district Commissioner AND district Priest Chaplain.

E. Practice and Competition

Practice may not begin before August 1st for the Fall season. All practice, games, etc. must end by the first weekend in November.

Practices and competitions will be held at local public golf courses, and will be arranged by the coaches and/or District Commissioner. 

There is currently no Diocesan Championship Tournament organized by the Diocese of Allentown Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry/CYO.

F. Videotaping

Under no circumstances may a school administrator, coach, student athlete, or spectator visually record (regardless of the medium) a contest that does not involve their CYO team. In particular, filming or videotaping for scouting purposes in any season by any party is strictly prohibited.

The purpose of such a policy is not only for the protection of our student athletes, but also to uphold a rightly ordered perspective on competition. As members of a Catholic organization, we should seek to maximize our knowledge and ability through exceptional preparation and real-time adaptation.