Rules and Regulations

A. Designation

Each district is to designate one Adult Commissioner for each league.

B. Rosters

Each District Commissioner must submit to OYYAFM completed rosters by April 15. Failure to comply will result in Diocesan ineligibility.

C. Deadline

All rosters are frozen as of April 15th.

Note: Districts failing to comply with Rule C (pertaining to tournament playoffs; see pg. 25) will be eliminated from consideration for Diocesan competition.

D. Game Rules

All games are to be played under the current PIAA Baseball Rules, except where amended by Diocesan or District rules. 

E.  Playing Time

  • Only players that meet all eligibility requirements, both team-specific (such as required attendance at practices) and diocesan may be allowed to play in any game.
  • Coaches must attempt to place each player in attendance on the game roster and in the batting line-up.
  • A pitcher removed from the pitching position may pitch again provided that at least one batter has been put out or reached base, or a third out has been made. Other pitching regulations still apply.
  • The allowance of courtesy runners in the 7th/8th grade division is a speed-up rule that may be used for the pitcher and catcher. In CYO Athletics, when requested and the umpire grants time out, the last player out who is not also a pitcher or catcher may be inserted to run for the pitcher or catcher.
  • Any coach suspended from coaching a team is not eligible to be present as a fan for that CYO event.

F.   Pitch Count Regulations

Out of consideration for the safety of our athletes it is the responsibility of each coach to know, understand, and strictly enforce the pitching limitation rules and standards provided by the PIAA.  Please contact your district commissioner for copies of said standards.

G. Eligibility

Baseball is a Varsity-level sport in the Diocese of Allentown and therefore limited to students in Grades 6, 7, and 8.  Other eligibility rules as outlined in Rule A of the Handbook apply.

H. Playoffs

Diocesan – first or second weekends in June, or at some other time mutually agreeable to all participants before the end of the third weekend in June.

I. Special Game Rules

  • The home team will provide the official scorer.  The visiting team must verify the score at the end of each inning.
  • Free substitution is permitted.  The starters will be permitted to return to the game.  Those who are their substitutes will not be permitted to return.
  • Any unsportsmanlike behavior of a player, such as the violent throwing of helmet or bat or deliberately trying to injure an opponent will result in the offender being removed from the game.
  • Players not in the game must remain on the bench or in the warm-up area and at no time while the game is in progress, go behind the backstop.  The next batter must be in the on-deck area ready for his time at bat.
  • Players at bat and on the bases must wear a helmet.  Penalty for refusing will result in being removed from the game.  Liners, such as used inside baseball caps, are prohibited. Each team must have at least four helmets.
  • Visiting teams at weekend games must be allowed no less than thirty minutes practice – weekday games, no less than fifteen minutes practice time.  Common sense should prevail at all times.
  • Bases will be established at 80 feet and the mound will be 54 feet from home plate.
  • Metal spikes are not permitted.

J. Practice

In order that all teams have a fair chance and equal time to prepare, practice may not start before March 15.  All practices, games, etc. must end the third weekend in June.