A CYO Coach is primarily a youth leader with a gift of reaching out through athletics.  Coaches are essentially youth ministers on the court or on the field.  They serve to empower youth to live as disciples of Jesus Christ and to invite and encourage them to be responsible participants in the life, mission and work of the church.

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All CYO coaches are required to take a coaches clinic within 1 year of starting to coach for a CYO program in the Diocese of Allentown.  These clinics provide an overview of insurance requirements, sports medicine, coaching the child with special needs, and the integration of our Catholic faith and CYO.  

Clinics are held four times per academic year throughout the Diocese.  Each clinic is held from 9 am to 12 pm, with check-in beginning at 8:45 am.  The registration cost is $25.00 per participant.  

You can register to attend an upcoming CYO Coaches' Clinic here.




If you have any difficulties with registration, or unable to register online, please contact Daniel Jones
Coordinator, CYO Phone: (610) 289-8900, Ext. 2030 [email protected].

CYO Coaches Requirements

All CYO Coaches in the Diocese of Allentown are required to fulfill certain requirements prior to coaching.  All CYO Coaches are to be in full compliance with current Diocese of Allentown Safe Environment Policy requirements (click here for this list), as well as the requirements below.

Concussions & Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Each academic year, all CYO Coaches (head and assistants) are required to complete the free, online Heads-Up Concussions in Youth Sports training course before coaching any CYO sport.  In addition, all CYO coaches (head coach and assistants) are required to read and sign the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Education and Information Form before coaching any CYO Sport.

Coaches must and provide a printed copy of the concussion certificate as well as the signed and dated SCA form to SEEF with the team rosters for the first sport that they coach in an academic year.  For each subsequent sport coached, the date of the training is to be indicated on the roster.

Information about the following are under the word Resources on this page.

  • CYO Coaches Requirements Concussion CA
  • Cardiac Arrest Coaches Training
  • Coaches Clinic

For information regarding Protecting God’s Children requirements for coaches & volunteers, click here

CYO Athlete Medical Release & Liability Form

All CYO student athletes must have a medical release & liability form completed and on file with the CYO program.  Coaches should keep a copy of this form with them at all times. Look under the word Resources for the following form.

  • CYO Medical Release and Liability Form

Roster Requirements

Details concerning how to complete the CYO Roster are provided in the document below and a copy of the Official CYO Roster is provided under the word Resources on this page..

  • Allentown Diocese CYO Roster Requirements
  • Roster Form - Updated Oct 2023

Codes of Conduct

A copy of the codes of conduct for coaches, parents, spectators, and participants is provided under the word Resources on this page.