The Tribunal


It is impossible to understand the concept of marital invalidity without correctly understanding the Church's teaching on marriage. In Christian marriage, the partners mutually give and accept each other in a union that by its very nature must be permanent, faithful and fruitful. This union mirrors the total, self-giving love of Christ for His Body, the Church.

For the baptized, Christ raised the "intimate partnership of life and love" to the dignity of a sacrament. Through the ages, the Church has exercised an active custody over the seven sacraments, determining what is necessary for their lawful and valid celebration.

The Tribunal is primarily a part of the Church’s judicial system. We remain faithful to the Gospel and to the Church's teaching regarding the indissoluble permanence of a validly contracted marriage. We must observe and apply the procedural laws of our Catholic Church when a marriage ends. Through fidelity to this difficult task we maintain fidelity to Christ.

We carry out this mission with a deep concern for each person who has suffered shock, anger, guilt and the many painful experiences of a broken marriage. In our work we strive to reflect the Church's pastoral concern for each person and to offer the hope and the comfort that Christ alone can give.

Please read the information in the Annulment FAQs section to learn details about the annulment process.