Protecting God's Children

The Protecting God’s Children™  Program for Adults was purchased to educate every priest, employee, and volunteer who works with children about the harms of child sexual abuse and what they can do to prevent it. The Safe Environment Coordinator organizes the training sessions as well as administers the web-based online system that tracks who has been trained. The system provides follow-up information and reinforcement to facilitators and to participants who have been trained. 

The Protecting God’s Children™ program is a three-hour video presentation. Any adult volunteer who comes into contact with children is required to attend this program. Workshops require PRE-registration. Past attendees are eligible to sign up for ongoing bulletins from Virtus.

Under Resources on this page you'll find the PDFs of VIRTUS Protecting God's Children Training Bulletins Requirement and the VIRTUS Protecting God's Children Training Bulletin Distribution Documentation.

All trainings are conducted online and can be found at  Directions on how to sign up for a training can be found under Resources.