Diocesan Volleyball Tournament

Rules and Regulations

*The same rules and regulations apply for both boys and girls volleyball

A. Designation

Each district is to designate one Adult Commissioner for each league.

B. Rosters

Each District Commissioner must submit to OYYAM completed Fall rosters by September 15.  Spring Rosters are due April 1st

C. Deadline

All Fall rosters are frozen as of October 1.  Spring rosters are frozen on April 15.

NOTE: Districts failing to comply with Rule C (pertaining to tournament playoffs) are eliminated from consideration for Diocesan competition.

D. Game Rules

According to current National Federation Rules (PIAA), a net height of  7'4" for girls and 8' for boys still applies for grade school.

E.  Playing Time

The following rule is intended to ensure that all participants, regardless of their skill level, are given the opportunity to play in every match:

  • Only players that meet all eligibility requirements, both team-specific (such as required attendance at practices) and diocesan, may be allowed to play in any match.
  • Varsity
    • Coaches are encouraged to give every player an opportunity to participate in all matches in some capacity.  Though not mandated, when a participant signs up for the CYO program they expect, and have the right, to play in all matches. Coaches must encourage and instruct all the young athletes if they are to have a rewarding experience in sports.
  • JV
    • Any player in uniform for a match must be given an opportunity to play at least one game in each match.
    • Any player that did not play in the first game of the match must be included in the starting line-up for the second game of the match
    • All players MUST serve at least once during the match.
  • Infractions of the playing time policy will result in a warning for the 1st offense:
    • If witnessed by a designated representative of CYO, a warning will consist of a verbal address to the coach following the contest in question.
    • If the 1st offense is not witnessed by a designated representative of CYO, an investigation will be conducted.  If it is found to be a valid offense, a warning will consist of a verbal address to the coach via a phone call.  After the coach has received the warning, any subsequent verifiable offense of the playing time policy will result in a forfeit of the match and suspension of the coach.
    • A 2nd verifiable offense of the playing time policy in the same season (including playoffs) will result in a forfeit of the match for the team, two-match suspension of the coach, and the coach will need to meet with the District Commissioner and a diocesan CYO Administrative Official before coaching in the subsequent year.
  • Any coach suspended from coaching a team is not eligible to be present as a fan for that CYO event.

F. Diocesan Playoffs

First weekend in November for girls Fall volleyball.  None for Spring volleyball.

  • A Libero player is not to be used in any game.
  • Warm-up Time:  2 minutes shared warm-up time - pepper on own side of net, followed by team winning coin toss gets 4 minutes of full court warm-up, followed by team losing coin toss gets 4 minutes of full court warm-up.
  • Matches 1-10 will be one 25-point game (starting at 4).
  • The winning team must win by 2 points but will only play to 27.  Then the first team reaching 27 is considered the winner.
  • The teams with the top two overall round robin records will play a championship match. The championship match will consist of two games to 25 (starting at 4 and capped at 27) and, if necessary, one game to 15 (beginning at 0 and capped at 17).
  • Championship Round Tie Break Rules:
    • In the event that more than two teams qualify for the championship match
      • 2 teams tie for Second Place – The two teams will play one 15-point game beginning at zero and capped at 17 points.  The winner moves on to play the first place team in the championship match.
      • 3 teams tie for First Place – Straws will be drawn to determine which team moves on to the championship match without having to play a play-in match. Short Straw wins. The two remaining teams play one 15-point game beginning at zero and capped at 17 with the winner moving on to the championship match.

G. Eligibility (See Eligibility Rules A to D)

Eligibility for JV volleyball is grades 5 and 6.  Eligibility for Varsity volleyball is grades 6 through 8.  Any player who is in 6th grade and is listed on both JV and Varsity rosters, and is a starter for the JV team, will not be allowed to start for the Varsity team.  If that said player is a Varsity starter then they shall only play Varsity sports.

H. Dates

Practice may not begin before August 1 for the Fall season and March 15 for the Spring season.  All practice, games, etc. must end the first weekend in November/third week in June respectively.

I. Videotaping

Under no circumstances may a school administrator, coach, student athlete, or spectator visually record (regardless of the medium) a contest that does not involve their CYO team.  In particular, filming or videotaping for scouting purposes in any season by any party is strictly prohibited.

The purpose of such a policy is not only for the protection of our student athletes, but also to uphold a rightly ordered perspective on competition.  As members of a Catholic organization, we should seek to maximize our knowledge and ability through exceptional preparation and real-time adaptation.