Being Pro-Life

I have set before you life and death, the blessing and the curse. Choose life, then, that you and your descendants may live, by loving the LORD, your God, obeying his voice, and holding fast to him.
-Deuteronomy 30:19-20

As Catholics, we are a People of LIFE who, by virtue of our Baptism and Confirmation, are given the responsibility of building a Culture of Life and a Civilization of Love. Each of us, according to our state in life and our abilities, can contribute to this task of building (and re-building) through concrete actions, prayer, and the faithful witness of our daily lives. A culture of death surrounds us; but the love of Jesus Christ manifested through the triumph of the Cross, the witness of we, His people on earth, and the confidence that God is faithful and will never abandon us, gives us the courage to become builders of a Culture of Life!

 How can I  build a Culture of Life?

The Diocese of Allentown provides many opportunities to put your faith in action witnessing to the dignity of all human persons. Try volunteering at the Ecumenical Soup Kitchen in Allentown, or at Holy Family Manor in Bethlehem. With the proper training, you can get involved in prison ministry. Become an active participant in the Diocese’s Legislative Advocacy Network to have an impact on a range of issues affecting human dignity. Learn about the gifts Persons with Disabilities have to offer, and where to find help for couples receiving a poor pre-natal diagnosis. Do what you can - and always remember that prayer is something that EVERYONE can do!

In your own home, workplace, school, family - anywhere, and everywhere - you can be a witness to Life and the dignity of all human persons!

Prayer - in private, with family/friends, at Mass, with other peaceful witnesses at an abortion clinic, at the bedside of a sick relative. Find prayers for just about everything here.

Hospitality - inviting others to share a meal, a cup of coffee and dessert, and a time of friendship, laughter, and support. Here's a beautiful essay about hospitality

Courtesy and friendliness - toward friends and strangers. Saying "thank you," being present and listening to someone speaking to you, offering a kind word - especially when someone's having a bad day. The Papal Preacher - Fr. Cantalamessa - offers a nice reflection on friendship

Charity - offering your time to help someone in need, giving monetary or other material support - canned goods to a food bank, money to disaster relief, diapers for a mother-baby home.

Know the Issues - Learn more about Roe v. WadeHealing after abortion, Welcoming persons with disabilities,  Domestic Violence, and the Death Penalty

We invite you to join us in following Christ’s example of upholding the dignity of every human person, especially the poor and vulnerable.

THE GOSPEL OF LIFE is at the heart of Jesus' message. Lovingly received day after day by the Church, it is to be preached with dauntless fidelity as "good news" to  the people of every age and culture.
-Bl. Pope John Paul II, The Gospel of Life


JANUARY 19, 2018