Notre Dame Cathedral Fire

“As Notre Dame Cathedral burns, it is difficult to comprehend this tragic loss to the cultural patrimony of the world,” said Bishop Alfred Schlert. “I pray for everyone in Paris, and around the globe, who will grieve this terrible event. May Our Lady watch over all those battling the blaze.”

Palm Sunday Marks Arrival of Jesus in Jerusalem

The feast commemorates Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem the week before his passion and crucifixion, when the people paved his path with olive branches as a sign of victory and reverential honor.

40 Days for Life Director of Outreach Speaks in Lehigh Valley

“Planned Parenthood is in the business of selling abortions,” said Sue Thayer, former Planned Parenthood manager and current 40 Days for Life director of outreach.

Bishop’s Annual Appeal Kicks Off in Lehigh County

“As we come together as a Roman Catholic family of faith, we’re reminded that’s what binds us, and enlivens our faith and works,” said Bishop Schlert.

Lenten Reflection for Men: The Church Needs Your Masculinity

“The Church needs men's masculinity as much as the Church needs the femininity of women. Both complement each other and are equal in the life of the Church," said Bishop Schlert.

Young Adults Gather for ‘Vespers with the Bishop’ on Laetare Sunday

“Tonight our rejoicing comes from the depths of faith, from knowing we have a loving father,” said Bishop Schlert to the young adults at Holy Guardian Angels, Reading.

Cardinal Ribat Brings Lenten Message and Gratitude to Holy Family

“We must pray for true repentance, changes of minds and changes of heart so Lent will be a fruitful blessing in the Church,” said Cardinal John Ribat, archbishop of Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, at Holy Family, Nazareth.

St. John the Baptist, Pottsville Experiences Lenten ‘Holiness Revolution’

“Holiness is being transformed to be like Jesus. Pray God reveals to you how he sees a person. I’m so excited God continues to transform my life,” said Dan DeMatte, an international speaker and best-selling Catholic author.

Catholics are called to be welcoming of all

The Church is accepting of everyone, but being ‘welcomed’ does not exempt someone from living in accord with Church doctrines. This means that homosexual people are called to be chaste. The same is true for unmarried heterosexual people. Also, within the sacrament of marriage, husbands and wives are called to be faithful to each other, to be chaste in their fidelity to one another.

Bishop’s Annual Appeal Makes a Difference in So Many Lives

An estimated 200 faithful kicked off BAA which is themed this year as 'Because We Are Catholic,' bringing the light of Christ to each other and our communities.