Diocesan Administrator Is Elected

Feburary 1, 2017     

The 10-member Diocese of Allentown College of Consultors, a group of Diocesan priests, met this afternoon (Wednesday) to fulfill its canonical duty of electing a priest of the Diocese to serve as Diocesan Administrator, in the absence of a bishop. The former Bishop of Allentown John Barres was installed as Bishop of Rockville Centre, NY on January 31.

Under Church law, the Diocesan Administrator is a priest elected by the College of Consultors and who is at least 35 years-old, known to be a man of sound doctrine and prudence such that he can oversee the administrative functions of a Diocese until a new Bishop is appointed and installed.

The College of Consultors has elected Reverend Monsignor Alfred A. Schlert, 55, who has accepted the position. Monsignor Schlert is an Easton native who was ordained in 1987. After years in parish, high school and campus ministry, he was appointed Vicar General of the Diocese in 1998.

As Diocesan Administrator, Monsignor Schlert has the obligation and authority of a Diocesan Bishop and that of a Vicar General with the exception of those matters which are by their nature or provision reserved to a Bishop. Examples of those matters reserved to a Bishop would include the ordination of priests or deacons.

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