Spotlight on Members of the Commission for Young Adults: Christina Tran, Parishioner of St. Elizabeth of Hungary, Whitehall

Christian Tran

By TARA CONNOLLStaff writer

Biographical background
Christian Tran, 23, parishioner of St. Elizabeth of Hungary, Whitehall. Graduated from DeSales University, Center Valley with a bachelor of science degree in mathematics. Employed as a clinical analyst for St. Luke’s Hospital, Bethlehem.

How were you raised in the faith?
I was born to a strong Vietnamese Catholic family. Growing up, my parents and grandparents have always placed great importance in living the faith. My grandmother’s motto was “If you have God, you have all.”
I received a Catholic education at St. Elizabeth Regional School and have been highly involved with the Vietnamese Catholic community and the Vietnamese Eucharistic Youth Movement from a young age. My parents were constantly seeking out faith-based events and retreat opportunities for me to attend. They raised me and my siblings in faith by example, helping out in the community and deepening their own faith.

Why did you accept the opportunity to serve on the commission?
I wanted to support any effort to bring others closer to God, especially my peers during this time when many young adults are disconnected from the Church.

What are some of the issues you would like to see addressed and why?
An issue I would like to see addressed is how to share the rich and beautiful Catholic tradition in a way that invites all young adults to grow deeper in faith. I think simply starting the conversation is the difficult first step.

Why are young adults so important to the future of the Church?
Young adults are very important to the future, and also presently, as we need to be the clear, radical voice in a world that is growing ever louder in the midst of growing technology that brings constant connectivity.

What do you believe has caused some young adults to drift from the Church and how can the Church reach out to them?
I find that there has been a loss of community among young adults. I believe the Church can reach out by encouraging opportunities that develop and cultivate relationships.

In light of the clergy abuse crisis, how and why did you remain steadfast in the faith?
I remain steadfast in the faith because I know that the Church stands by the reality and truth of Christ, who came down to be with us.