For Safety, No Palms to be Distributed This Weekend

To help ensure the safety of parishioners, Bishop Alfred Schlert has directed that no palm branches be distributed this weekend.

Traditionally, the faithful receive blessed palm branches on Palm Sunday weekend. Several weeks ago, it was thought that even with public Masses cancelled to prevent the spread of disease, palms could be made available for parishioners to pick up.

However, as scientific and medical advice evolves, and with additional knowledge about how easily Coronavirus is spread, the Bishop has determined that it is not safe to distribute palms by any means, including drive-through distribution.

“Palms are a beautiful time-honored symbol of Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem,” Bishop Schlert said. “Palm branches can be distributed at a later, safer time.

“My first priority is the safety of the 260,000 Catholics in our five counties, as well as the safety of our priests, deacons, religious men and women, and seminarians,” Bishop Schlert said.