Changing Careers to Find Fulfillment Working in Catholic Schools

Amy Impellizzeri and Michael Piersol

Catholic schools in the Diocese of Allentown are full of dedicated teachers and staff who are a key part of the mission to provide challenging academics and build moral character in an environment of compassion and faith.

Some have left lucrative careers elsewhere, and have found satisfaction and fulfillment working in Catholic education. Here are two such stories:

Amy Impellizzeri is a lawyer who spent 13 years as a corporate litigator in New York City. She’s also a successful author of fiction and nonfiction books. Today, she is putting her skills and career experience to work as Advancement Director at St. Catharine of Siena elementary school, Reading.

“I realized that my experience in the law and in finance is a gift I could use in other places,” she says. “It’s a labor of love. The mission of this school feels very personal to me. This really is a very special place.”

Michael Piersol is a convert to Catholicism who worked previously as a counselor in public schools. He’s also a former social worker. Today he is using his skills and life experiences to advise Berks Catholic High School students on college and career choices.

“This is my way of sharing my faith, of supporting the Catholic Church, and of giving back,” he says. “This is God’s plan for me, and I’m thrilled.”

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