Office of Communications

Chief spokesperson for the Bishop and the Diocese. Provides publicity for Secretariats and agencies of the Diocese through print and electronic media outlets; serves as liaison for diocesan Secretariats with the media; produces in-house video presentations. Publishes the diocesan Official Catholic Directory.

Mr. Matthew T. Kerr,
Phone: (610) 871-5200 ext. 2265  
Fax: (610) 439-7694 

AD Times

“The Allentown Diocese in the Year of Our Lord”
Incorporated as Allentown Catholic Communications, Inc.
Official biweekly newspaper of the Diocese covering news affecting the Catholic community on the local diocesan, national and international level.

(610) 871-5200 ext. 2264 Fax (610) 439-7694

Mrs. Jill M. Caravan, Editor/Director
(610) 871-5200 ext. 2264   Fax (610) 439-7694

Priest Personnel

Office of Priest Personnel

Coordinates and oversees the personnel needs of the priests and the pastoral exigencies of the Diocese.

Rev. Msgr. Gerald E. Gobitas,
Phone: (610) 437-0755  
Fax: (610) 433-7822

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