Diocese Stands With USCCB Committee's Statement

March 24, 2017

In union with the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops' Committee on Migration, the Diocese of Allentown stands with all our brothers and sisters who are struggling trying to find a better life for their families. As Most Reverend Jose S. Vásquez, Bishop of Austin and Chair of the committee says, "While we seek to maintain our values and safety, we must also exercise compassion in assisting and continuing to welcome the stranger."

Many refugees and immigrants are fleeing the same violence from which we are trying to protect our country and its citizens. As members of the Body of Christ, we are called to affirm the inherent dignity of all people, especially the poor and marginalized. Our identity is not determined by the circumstances of our status but is given to us by God and, therefore, each person must be treated in a way that respects that dignity. We suffer with immigrant families that are being torn apart and we will strive to help them as much as we can to stay united under these difficult circumstances.

The full statement of the USCCB Committee on Migration is available on the USCCB website click here

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