Insurance and Real Estate

Provides an insurance program that protects diocesan assets and real estate; answers claim questions; provides and coordinates risk management and loss prevention services; oversees maintenance of diocesan facilities, real estate transactions and reviews leases and contracts.

Ms. Kelly C. Bruce, Director
(610) 871-5200 ext. 2203   Fax (610) 871-5211 

Mr. Gerald E. Flavelle, Safety, Fire Prevention and Construction Officer
(610) 871-5200 ext. 2258  Fax (610) 871-5211 

Mr. David Hasenauer and Mr. Irv Baver
Shared Maintenance Program 
885 Cressona Rd. Pottsville
(570) 516-9192

Mr. Edward M. Ritter, Facilities Manager
(610) 871-5200, ext. 2277   Fax: (610) 871-5211