Diocese again found compliant with child protection charter

For the 15th time since the inception of national diocesan audits 15 years ago, the Diocese of Allentown has been found “compliant” with the Charter for Protection of Children and Young People, adopted by the Bishops of the United States in 2002.

Two representatives of StoneBridge Business Partners, a Rochester, NY firm contracted by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops to conduct compliance audits of the nation’s 195 Dioceses, conducted an on-site audit in the Diocese October 10-11. The Diocese has received a letter from StoneBridge informing it that “the Diocese has been found compliant with all audited articles…for the 2016/2017 audit period.”

The auditors reached their conclusion based upon inquiry, observations and the review of specifically requested documentation during the course of the audit. They also interviewed two dozen people involved in the child protection and safe environment effort of the Diocese, its parishes and schools.

Among the data the Diocese reported to the auditors: Since 2003, more than 37,000 adults have received training to recognize, respond and report child abuse. 6,500 adults have received mandated reporter training and over 317,000 school age children have received age appropriate abuse prevention education since 2003

Diocese of Allentown Bishop Alfred Schlert was pleased with the results. “Every year since audits began, the Diocese of Allentown has been found in full compliance with the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People. The Diocese continues to be vigilant and proactive when it comes to youth protection in our parishes, schools and other Diocesan institutions,” he said. “I am grateful to the clergy, religious, and lay adults who work each day to make our parishes, schools, institutions, and programs a safe environment in which to experience the love of Christ.”