Diocesan Tribunal

The church court principally involved in trying cases of marital invalidity.

7660 Imperial Way, Suite 125
Allentown, PA. 18195
(610) 434-3200 
Fax (610) 433-3104

Judicial Vicar
Very Rev. John J. Paul

Rev. Msgr. Victor F. Finelli
Rev. Msgr. Thomas P. Koons
Rev. Msgr. David J. Morrison

Promoter of Justice
Rev. Msgr. David L. James

Defenders of the Bond
Rev. Msgr. David L. James
Rev. David J. Kozak
Rev. Msgr. Alfred A. Schlert

Rev. Msgr. David L. James
Rev. Andrew N. Gehringer
Rev. Keith R. Laskowski
Rev. Brian M. Miller
Rev. Stanley M. Moczydlowski
Rev. Michael E. Mullins
Rev. Eric N. Tolentino
Deacon William R. Hassler
Deacon Thomas H. Miller
Deacon Thomas B. Reimer
Deacon Cu T. Than
Deacon Michael V. Woodall

Mrs. Patricia Echternach
Mrs. Kathleen Snyder

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