Spotlight on: Good Shepherd Catholic School, Northampton

1. What is your background? Are you new to the diocese?

This is my 14th year in education. I was an ELA middle school teacher for 10 years in Summit, New Jersey before becoming principal of St. Vincent de Paul School in Stirling, New Jersey. Earlier this year, my family and I moved to Nazareth, which allowed me the opportunity to come to Good Shepherd in Northampton.


2. Why do you believe in Catholic education?

My time at Seton Hall University, South Orange, New Jersey taught me the importance of Catholic values when making major life decisions regarding family and career. I believe in elementary level Catholic education largely due to my own sons.

When making the decision of where to send my older son for his first school experience, it became clear that Catholic schools would provide the right opportunity for him to learn in a Christ-centered environment. In doing the research for my children, I grew to find the value of following in the footsteps of Jesus Christ while developing your academic skills.

It is very valuable during these formative years that a consistent message is sent to children about what your family values are. Catholic education is ideal for us to show our children that doing your best in school is a natural extension of our appreciation for God’s love.


3. What are some new exciting things going on in your school?

There are many exciting things happening at Good Shepherd. I am thrilled to debut a middle school science lab this year. Science lab teacher Helene Hartman has done a wonderful job setting up the resources our children need to learn science in a thoughtful, hands-on manner.

The lab looks great, but our potential for what happens as the year progresses is what has us most excited. We are also very proud of our drama program, which recently added a successful summer camp that produced a topnotch show in only three weeks.

Another exciting development is an increased effort to unite the alumni of our legacy schools. We have new events planned with the hopes of bringing people together to recognize the part they play in supporting our mission.


4. What is your goal for your school?

My goal for Good Shepherd is that we grow in our faith so that we inspire lifelong learners. If we all take the perspective of a growth mindset, we can dedicate ourselves toward continuous improvement.

Professionally, we must be purposeful in the areas of reflection and feedback. This will develop a path for us to be excited by challenges and embrace flexibility. If the faculty can model these attributes for our children, our entire community will see the results.


5. Do you have any upcoming events you would like to share?

We were excited to celebrate Grandparents Day on Friday, Oct. 21, beginning with Mass, Later that day our choir sang at the Phantoms game.

We hosted a Night at the Races Nov. 5, with lots of fun and delicious food.

Our first drama production this year is “Lion King Kids,” playing on the GSCS stage Friday, Nov. 18 and Saturday, Nov. 19.