One in Christ

The Sacrament of Marriage is a public witness of God’s unconditional love in the world. The importance of this witness cannot be understated. When a man and a woman administer the sacrament to each other on their wedding day, they promise to love each other the way God loves them, and to be a source of grace for each other so that each can grow into the person God made them to be. In marriage, there is an opportunity for forgiveness and healing that can only come from God. Strong marriages are evidence of the power of God’s love over evil in the world.

Program topics include: self sacrificial love, life skills of communication and financial planning, sexuality & family life, and prayer.

The One in Christ Marriage Seminar is designed to prepare you and your fiancé for the Sacrament of Matrimony. The seminar will provide you and your fiancé with an all-inclusive and comprehensive appreciation for and knowledge of the Sacrament of Matrimony.  One in Christ presents both the sacramental theology and the practical "tools" of Christian Marriage so that you and your fiancé may reach an understanding of how marriage is a participation in the life of Heaven and what that means for your lives together here on earth.

The course presents the truth, beauty, and goodness of marriage and family life. This approach is very appealing to today’s couples, assaulted as they are by much secular negativity about marriage. Our goal is not just to present information on marriage, but rather to help you and your fiancé see the what, why, and how of the Church’s teaching in relation to marriage. That is why we begin with a basic catechesis on the Catholic Faith and interweave it throughout the seminar. You and your fiancé will find your faith reinvigorated by learning the Church's teachings in the context of marriage preparation. Deeply rooted in Scripture, Catholic Tradition, the Lives of the Saints, and Papal Encyclicals, this seminar will not only prepare you and your fiancé to see the truth, beauty, and goodness of marriage and family life, but also to show how God and his grace are the remedies and the quintessential means to a happy, healthy, holy, and lasting marriage.