Faith Enrichment Courses

Faith Enrichment Courses are open to anyone wishing to increase his/her knowledge of the faith, the teachings of the Church, and enrich his/her spiritual life. There are no prerequisites for taking classes, and no prior theological knowledge or experience; just a desire to encounter Christ and a willingness to learn! ICF programs strive to be complete in content while accessible for the average layperson.

The courses below present an overview of the Catholic Faith, based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church. We invite you to this opportunity to encounter Christ and our fellow Christians in setting out on this journey together.

Course Descriptions

ICF 101 - Christian Anthropology:  This course will examine who God is as the One who seeks to share Himself with His creation. A brief survey of Salvation History will be traced to Jesus Christ, the Redeemer who saves humanity, and teaches us what it means to be a human person.

ICF 102 - The Old Testament:  The Bible is God’s revelation of Himself to His creation, and the story of His love for us. This course will provide a brief introduction to the origin of Sacred Scripture: its source, how the Canon was formed, and the senses in which we can interpret Scripture. The remainder of the course will focus on the Old Testament: the creation of the earth and God’s covenant of love with the human person, the fall into sin, and the revelation, over time, of God’s plan of salvation.

ICF 103 - The New Testament:  This course picks up the story of God's plan of salvation with an introduction to the Gospels, Apostolic preaching and the origins of the Church, concluding with the conversion, preaching and travels of St. Paul.

ICF 104 - The Sacraments The Sacraments are intimate, personal encounters between God and His people. This course will present an overview of these signs of God's love for us, by which He makes a personal connection with us and conveys grace - His very life within us.

ICF 105 - Christian Morality:  This course provides an introduction to the fundamental teachings of Catholic morality and its foundations in Sacred Scripture, Tradition and Natural Law.  Participants will examine virtue, conscience formation and make application to contemporary moral issues in the areas of health care, sexuality and social justice.

ICF 106 - The Church:  The Church is the place of encounter between God and His people on earth. This course will provide a brief overview of the origins of the Church; Her identity as One, Holy Catholic and Apostolic; and what it means to be "the Body of Christ" on earth.

ICF 201 - Prayer & SpiritualityThis course provides a basic introduction to the fundamentals of a Catholic prayer life and spiritual dispositions.  Participants will examine what it means to pray, why we pray, and how to have a fruitful prayer life.  Practical exercises of traditional Catholic prayers and devotions will be covered so you will learn how to express yourself to God and how to hear his voice in your everyday life.

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