Faith and Spirits

Faith and Spirits was created to provide a forum for all adult Catholics to learn more about their faith in a comfortable setting. It is offered at various locations throughout the Diocese with a variety of engaging speakers and intriguing topics.  Come enjoy an evening out, a meal with friends, and an opportunity to deepen your faith!

St. Ignatius Loyola Flyer (PDF)

Some of our past topics include:

  • Salesian Spirituality: Getting to know the "Other" Saint Francis (3/18/19)
  • The Forgotten Person of the Trinity (4/23/18)
  • The Shroud of Turin (2/26/2018)
  • Spiritual Battle: Good vs. Evil (11/20/17)
  • Divine Mercy & 100 Years of Fatima (10/10/17)
  • The Secrets of Fatima (4/24/2017)
  • For Better... Or Worse (3/20/2017)
  • A New Way to be Human: Living A Life in Christ (11/14/2016)
  • Hope for the Suffering (10/3/2016)
  • Seeing 20/20 with the Eyes of Faith (6/6/2016)
  • Father Forgive Them: The Role of Forgiveness (3/7/2016)
  • Encountering Christ in the Sacraments (11/2/2015)
  • Marian Apparitions and Miracles (10/5/2015)
  • Put on the Armor of God: Spiritual warfare in the modern world (8/31/2015)
  • Who am I to Judge: The Balance Between the Truth and the Embrace (4/13/15)
  • A Biblical Worldview: Needed Answers in a Cultural Shift Toward Indifference (3/9/2015)
  • Be Not Afraid: Heaven, Hell, Purgatory and Spiritual Warfare (10/27/2014)
  • Are We Living in the End Times? (9/22/2014)