Inclusive Catholic Education Council

We recognize today, more than ever before, that students come to our Catholic schools with a wide range of experiences and abilities.

Many students make a smooth transition to school and continue to successfully meet or exceed grade level expectations. Other students, for a variety of reasons, come to school less prepared to learn. Still others come to school with diagnosed or undiagnosed disabilities or giftedness that can significantly impact their learning.

Diocesan schools meet the unique learning needs of each student through value centered, inclusive education, rooted in the Catholic faith that embraces the whole person, recognizes diversity, and collaborates with the communities that we serve.

The mission of the Inclusive Catholic Education Council is to enable all students to participate in elementary and secondary Catholic school classrooms with the necessary services and support for success.  The Council implements research-based strategies to provide equal access to the curriculum and extra-curricular activities regardless of a student’s individual challenge.

We value

  • Respect for our Catholic identity and individual differences.
  • The individual development in spiritual, academic, leadership, social, emotional, and physical wellness.
  • A rigorous curriculum that meets individual needs in order to maximize student’s potential for success.
  • Self-advocacy and leadership qualities.
  • Communication, collaboration, and commitment of these qualities are integral to fulfill the mission.
  • Partnerships with family and community in order to develop programs and services.
  • An ongoing reflective approach that adapts to changes in circumstances and environment.