Aquinas Learning Support

Every child is unique and learns in different ways and to be challenged to reach their potential.

For children with a learning disability, some extra support can be necessary.  The Aquinas Learning Support Program provides students in both elementary and secondary level an unique solution.  Each student receives an instructional plan and guided help to build learning strategies and study skills to foster independence and personal growth.

Elementary students receive specialized instruction to address their learning disability. They join their peers in their own grade levels for religion, social studies, science, physical education, computer and art, thereby assuring integration. 

The Aquinas Program is currently offered at these Diocesan Elementary schools: 

High students can also benefit from this program.  Secondary students are rostered into the general education classes including a Learning Strategies Class one period per day. The Aquinas Program is currently offered at these Diocesan high schools: 

Research has shown that students whose needs are addressed individually and in a manner unique to that child, they are capable of achieving self-confidence and academic success.  For students in the Aquinas program, results in the classroom mean success in life.

Each Diocesan school provides students with disabilities a variety of types and levels of supports. Please contact the Deputy Superintendent for further information on registration and admission.