Faith Enrichment Resources

As the body has need of material nourishment, 
likewise too, the soul needs daily reminders and spiritual nourishment

so that it may be strengthened…
-St. John Chrysostom, Homily 10 on Genesis

Online resources that you can access from home while under quarantine

Aquinas 101 - Aquinas 101 is a series of free video courses from the Thomistic Institute that help you to engage life’s most urgent philosophical and theological questions with the wisdom of St. Thomas Aquinas. In the end, you’ll be able to read Aquinas on his own terms and to master the essentials of his thought.

Ascension Presents - A collection of free videos and articles produced by Ascension Press.

Catholic Answers - Catholic Answers has a wealth of apologetic material available for free on their website including videos, articles, and audio recordings.

Edward Sri - Renowned and popular theologian, Dr. Edward Sri, has videos and articles on a variety of topics available for free on his website.

EWTN - The Eternal Word Television Network has archives of their various television series for adults and children available “On Demand” through their website.

FOCUS - The Fellowship of Catholic University Students hosts two biannual conferences that bring in the most sought after speakers in the Catholic sphere. Video recordings of their from the past several presentations are available on their YouTube page. - Some of our parishes have subscriptions to available to all of their parishioners which gives access to a plethora of content including videos, audio, and written content, as well as several Catholic movies.  They have something for every age group!  If your parish does not have a subscription, which you can find out by looking at their website or bulletin, during the COVID-19 quarantine, they are extending a complimentary 40-day subscription so you can engage in your spiritual and prayer life through watching, reading, and listening to Catholic content. After that, you could register for a personal subscription at the cost of $9.99 per month or $100.00 annually.

Magnificat - During this challenging time, many of the faithful are unable to attend Mass.  Magnificat is honored to provide complimentary access to our online version to help people pray from home.  In addition to its online edition, Magnificat is now offering complimentary access to its iOS and Android Apps throughout May.  They are also making available complimentary access to MagnifiKid. Visit to view and download each weekly booklet of their colorful Sunday missalette for children ages 6 through 12.

Steubenville Conferences - The Franciscan University of Steubenville is well-known for their summer youth conferences, but they also have adult conferences that they offer each year. Videos of the presentations at those conferences are available on their website. Simply select the conference you are interested in and scroll to the bottom of the page!  They also have other free resources available at

St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology free Scott Hahn Video course - Dr. Scott Hahn’s St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology has complied what they are calling the “Quarantined Catholic Hub” which contains many resources for Scripture study.  Dr. Hahn’s most popular study, The Eucharist in Scripture, is now available to stream completely free. You can watch the entire study right now. It’s the perfect way to draw near to Jesus in the Eucharist and prepare your heart for the day we will again attend Mass.  They have also made their other Scripture studies available for $10 a month.

Available for Personal or Parish Use through the Office of Adult Catechesis & Evangelization

Looking for a great resource to advance your personal knowledge of the Faith and get closer to Jesus? Thinking about starting a study group in your parish but don't know where to begin?  The Office of Adult Formation can help!  We offer assistance in getting study groups started, teach basic facilitation skills, and can recommend programs that are solid, faith-filled, and easy to use!  Contact us to get started!



The Mystery of God: Who God is and why He Matters - In this six-part film series and study program, Bishop Robert Barron reaches into our rich intellectual tradition to teach us how to respond to atheism and secularism. Using the insights of St. Augustine, St. Thomas Aquinas, Pope Benedict XVI, he uncovers a clear yet sophisticated understanding of what we mean by "God".


Catholic Answers -

Church History


EPIC: A Journey Through Chuch History - This resource explores the first 500 years of Church history - a time filled with heroic martyrs, brilliant philosophers, eloquent theologians, cunning emperors, and courageous sains. It is the story of our ancestors in the Faith; those who, building upon the foundation of Christ, helped to shape what was to become the single most influential institution the world has ever known.


Church Documents

Evangelii Gaudium by Pope Francis





Catholicism - This is a groundbreaking documentary Series and multi-media Study Program released by Word On Fire in the Fall of 2011. The ten-part DVD series takes viewers around the world and deep into the Faith, spanning more than 50 locations in 15 countries, and stunningly filmed in high-definition cinematography.

Symbolon: The Catholic Faith Explained - This is a vibrant, relevant and complete program to re-evangelize and invigorate your parish. The 20 compelling sessions of this bold series guide parishioners through the breadth and richness of their Catholic faith. Presented by some of the most trusted Catholic teachers in the world, this unique video and discussion experience will transform the lives of your parishioners.



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Men's Resources

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Oremus - This study program teaches you the essentials of an effective and fruitful prayer life. Over the course of eight weeks you will discover how God speaks to you. You will learn from Fr. Mark Toups how to express yourself to God in prayer, and how to hear his voice.




The Truth & Life Dramatized audio Bible New Testament


The Bible Compass: A Catholic's Guide to Navigating the Scriptures by Edward Sri

A Father Who Keeps His Promises: God's Covenant Love in Scripture by Scott Hahn

Walking with God: A Journey through the Bible by Tim Gray and Jeff Cavins

Church Documents

Providentissimus Deus - Encyclical of Pope Leo XIII on the study of Holy Scripture

Divino Afflante Spiritu - Encyclical of Pope Pius XII on promoting Biblical studies

Dei Verbum - Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation Promulgated by Pope Paul VI

Verbum Domini  - Apostolic Exhortation of Pope Benedict XVI


The Great Adventure: A Journey Through the Bible - This is a 24 week Catholic Bible study program that seeks to draw people into a transforming relationship with Christ through Scripture as it is read from within the heart of the Catholic Church. Through parish Bible studies and resources, seminars, and conferences, The Great Adventure helps people read "the big picture" of God's plan in Scripture; find their place in that story; and live it out in their lives.

The Great Adventure: A Quick Journey Through the Bible - This 8-week Bible study is a "quick trip" through the Scriptures. This is a great way to enter into the Bible for the first time and become acquainted with the story of God's love for us. Perfect for use during Advent or Lent.

Priest, Prophet, King - In this program, you'll discover Jesus as Anointed One - the ultimate priest, prophet, and king foreshadowed throughout the Hebrew Scriptures. Using biblical insights and engaging stories, Bishop Barron affirms that we see Jesus most clearly through the lens of the Old Testament.

Wisdom: God's Vision for Life - In this study, Jeff Cavins and Thomas Smith examine biblical wisdom as it relates to daily life. Drawing on the wisdom literature of the Bible—Proverbs, Wisdom, Sirach, and Ecclesiastes—Wisdom will teach you how to actively seek out sound guidance and increase your sense of peace in navigating life.

USCCB Documents

Basics of Biblical Literacy by Timothy Michael Milnovich

The Senses of Scripture by Pauline Viviano, PhD


St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology



Divine Mercy: In the Second Greatest Story Ever Told - This is a dramatic 10-session journey featuring best-selling author and popular speaker Fr. Michael Gaitley, MIC.

Women's Resources

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