Educational Technology Coordinator, St. Joseph the Worker School

St. Joseph the Worker School

St. Joseph the Worker School, a Catholic elementary school located near Allentown, PA is seeking an Educational Technology Coordinator. The Educational Technology Coordinator would be expected to support and implement the philosophy of Catholic education and participate in building the faith community at St. Joseph the Worker School. The Educational Technology Coordinator is also responsible for teaching technology to grades K-2, training, modeling, and assisting teachers in integrating technology in the classroom to improve student achievement. The Educational Technology Coordinator acquires and updates skills as necessary for effectively training users in applications on the network, and coordinates activities of outside vendors, consultants and trainers.

As a team member, the candidate will be expected to work cooperatively with the administration, staff and colleagues. The candidate is also expected to demonstrate positive interpersonal relationships with students and parents. The Educational Technology Coordinator implements, coordinates, and evaluates the integration of educational technology as tools to support instruction. In addition, the Educational Technology Coordinator performs the following duties:

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Teach and implement a sequential program of study, following school directives, for teaching students the use of computers and educational technology, information retrieval and research, manipulation of data, visual and audio presentation, and coding.
  2. Provides primary support for educational technology and integrated learning systems.
  3. Provides training for all educational technology including wireless tablet devices, desktops, and a variety of other educational software and devices.
  4. Assists with the development and implementation of our STREAM curriculum and program.
  5. Participate in the development of curricular standards and benchmarks to encourage appropriate use of technology.
  6. Work with educators to develop lesson plans and activities involving use of technology to further attainment of educational goals.
  7. Inform teachers of new technologies or software which may assist in developing concepts of content specific materials.
  8. Assists with the general maintenance of all school and network workstations and printers.
  9. Assists with the daily software and hardware troubleshooting of all school technological equipment.
  10. 10.Work with the school principal to develop and implement the school’s technology plan.
  11. 11.Establish, maintain, and generate necessary reports from the school’s student information system including report cards. 
  12. 12.Develop a school technology resource center to be used by school leaders, teachers, and students. The resource center may contain hardware, software, courseware, and instructional support materials such as books, periodicals and journals, films, and video tapes.
  13. 13.Identify technology oriented leaders in each academic discipline, who can assist in decision-making processes and assist faculty in simple technical or curricular concerns related to technology.
  14. 14.Develop contacts with vendors who are willing to provide loans of hardware and software, or assist in training educators.
  15. 15.Develop contacts with other educational institutions to encourage dissemination of effective policies and ideas for use of technology in the educational process.
  16. 16.Develop, implement, and periodically evaluate a school technology oriented in-service plan.
  17. 17.Help the school to develop and implement plans for the acquisition and maintenance of hardware and software.
  18. 18.Help develop and implement a procedure for the evaluation of software, hardware, and courseware, and for the sharing of the results of such evaluation.
  19. 19.Disseminate technology-related information within the school via news bulletins, electronic main, presentations at district and building level staff meetings, etc.
  20. 20.Work to improve the overall quality of education received by students in the school.

Skills & Qualifications

  1. Must hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education or a MS in Educational Technology, or a related technology/computer field from an accredited college or university.
  2. Have experience in working with students and educational staff in the field of educational technology, preferred.
  3. Knowledge of existing network management tools and emerging tools, architectural concepts and principles.
  4. Ability to articulate and communicate complex technology concepts effectively in non-technical terms in a compelling manner.
  5. Have the ability to assist teachers and administrators to integrate educational technology into the curriculum and the instructional programs in support of student achievement.
  6. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of instructional programs, curriculum development and program evaluation, child growth and development, effective instructional strategies, classroom management, learning assessment and diagnosis, and research related to learning, particularly using technology.
  7. Strong belief in the St. Joseph the Worker School mission and educational model, and have a willingness to do whatever it takes to ensure the school's success.
  8. Must have desire to be part of a team-oriented, mission-driven school.
  9. Must be able to acquire, synthesize and implement new information quickly and confidently.
  10. 10. Exhibit a personality that demonstrates enthusiasm and interpersonal skills to relate well with students, staff, administration, parents, and the community.