‘Faith and Spirits’ Upholds Worth in Being Spiritual and Religious

More and more Americans describe themselves as “spiritual but not religious” and seek to find God in sunsets and walks along the beach. While God is present in the nature he created, Dr. Carmina Chapp told faithful during “Truth: What the Catholic Church Really Teaches” that being devoid of religion, ritual and doctrine may prolong their entrance into heaven.

Changing Careers to Find Fulfillment Working in Catholic Schools

Catholic schools in the Diocese of Allentown are full of dedicated teachers and staff who are a key part of the mission to provide challenging academics and build moral character in an environment of compassion and faith.

Workshop Centers on Engaging Generation Z Through Youth Ministry

“Inspire change makers to find a project that taps into their passions and let them run with their idea,.” said Tom East of the Center for Ministry Development, Gig Harbor, Washington, presenter of the workshop.

National Appeal Supports Elderly Catholic Sisters, Brothers and Religious Order Priests

The 31st annual Retirement Fund for Religious collection will be the weekend of Dec. 8-9 in the Diocese of Allentown.

Because We are Catholic: Leadership Comes in Many Flavors

Students in Catholic schools benefit from challenging academics and a faith-based environment. They also are instilled with a strong focus on community service and leadership. Nadiya Sieger is one example.

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