Adult Formation


To promote a genuine love for Jesus Christ and bear fruit in the Church

Are you interested in Faith Enrichment opportunities for your parish, but don't know how to get started? Contact the Office of Adult Formation and ask about our Lending Library of books, DVDs and study programs. Call or email us today and we can help you get started!

The spirit and the bride say, Come! Rev 22:17

Pursue discipleship with
evangelical zeal!

In a meeting with Roman clergy on September 16, 2013, Pope Francis challenged the priests in their ministry to lead people into discipleship. The Holy Father's message is not only for priests; it is the call of all the baptized faithful to be evangelized and to evangelize others.

"To become once again a Church driven by evangelical momentum and audacity, we must again become faithful and evangelized disciples." ~Pope Francis


Formation in the faith is a lifelong pursuit, both the duty and the joy of the Christian life. This formation begins in the family and is taken up in our parishes and Catholic schools. For many of us faith formation ends all too often in our late teens or young adulthood.

Continuing to seek knowledge of God and His Church is not reserved for priests and religious sisters, “Sunday school teachers,” or others who serve the Church in their parishes in various capacities. Learning and growing in the faith is for everyone!

The Office of Adult Formation offers resources and educational opportunities for anyone desiring to enrich his/her faith life and continue the process of formation.  Adult formation classes (administered through the Institute for Catechesis and Formation) are offered for those wishing to serve their parish in a particular ministry; or for anyone who just wants to learn more about God, the Church, and the Mystery of Faith. No prerequisites, no special knowledge – just a desire to learn!

Do not be afraid.
Open, I say open wide the doors for Christ.”
Bl. Pope John Paul II