“Adoption is not about finding children for families, it's about finding families for children.”
— Joyce Maguire Pavao

Adoptive parenting takes flexibility and patience. It also requires a willingness to learn about the unique issues of adoption and acquiring specialized parenting skills. For all its challenges, adoptive parenting can be a truly rewarding experience.

If you are considering adoption as an option, Catholic Charities offers many services to learn, prepare and open your heart and home to a child.


What Comes First?
Our staff will assess your capacity for parenting and your understanding of adoption through a Family Profile. Also known as an adoption home study, this is a required process in the state of Pennsylvania. Catholic Charities’ professional adoption case workers conduct group trainings and family profile interviews to prepare and educate prospective parents on the challenges and rewards of adopting.

Family profiles help determine:

  • The type of adoption you want.
  • The kind of adoptive child you can most effectively parent.
  • What you can accept in terms of the child's background, age and/or special needs.

There are a number of ways we go about finding families for children.


Infant Adoption
For birthparents, Catholic Charities will work with you to make an adoption plan for your child if you have voluntarily made the decision to place your child for adoption. We help you identify the qualities you desire in 
adoptive parents for your child and then review our file of non-identifying profiles.

Adoptive parents find that what they know about the birth family is very helpful in raising their child. We provide the adoptive parents with medical, socio-economic and all available background information about the birthparents.

Most placements involve some amount of openness. The may include an initial meeting between the birthparents and adoptive parents with twice-a-year updates. We have found this contact makes the process more personal; it creates a positive foundation for the exchange of information over the years.

Catholic Charities also participates in agency-assisted adoptions where the birthparents have selected adoptive parents who were unknown to the agency. We receive a referral for both sets of parents and provide the necessary counseling and family profile services needed for placement. 


International Adoption
Catholic Charities partners with two agencies to provide you with opportunities for international adoption. For Korean adoptions, we work with the Family and Children's Agency, Inc., in Norwalk, Connecticut. The Children's Home Society and Family Services in St. Paul, Minnesota, has programs with countries in Asia, Eastern Europe, and Latin America. Our collaboration with these agencies gives adoptive parents a local resource for assistance in working with experienced, established international adoption agencies. Catholic Charities completes your family profile (home study) and provides post-placement support and supervision.


Continuing Services
After placing a child in your home, you will need ongoing support. Catholic Charities is committed to providing post-placement support and any supervision required in the adoption process. Our staff will visit your home, prepare the intermediary report for the court, and attend the hearing with you and your attorney.

We provide post-legal finalization support, counseling and group meetings for adoptive parents. We are also particularly proud of our post-adoption attachment therapy program for children with bonding issues, and their adoptive parents who need sustained, therapeutic support and counseling.


Search Services
Adult adoptees often want to know more about their birth families. They may request a summary of non-identifying information and a meeting with one or both birthparents. 
Catholic Charities offers search services for adults who have been adopted through our agency. We provide the needed support to the adoptee, birthparents and adoptive parents.


Agency Service Fees
We welcome your questions about agency fees. Reasonable fees are charged for infant adoption and search services.